Market and quality leadership in Austria

With some 16,500 staff, the Erste Bank and Sparkassen attend to 3 million customers in over 1,000 branches. Based on the private customer investments of 39 billion Euros, the market share of the Erste Bank and Sparkassen currently totals some 19 percent in Austria. The institute’s strongest players include the areas of securities, construction, housing and leasing. Reconstructing syndicate business is a strategic measure for positioning the bank as one of the three leading commercial banks in Austria. In private banking, the Erste Bank, with managed assets worth 28 billion Euros, is already one of the market leaders in Austria.

Together with the savings banks, we want to become the strongest and most profitable banking group in Austria. The establishment of the cross-guarantee scheme sees us successfully take the first step in this direction. This agreement forms the basis for a far-reaching co-operation between the Erste Bank and the savings banks. It includes aspects such as bank office structures and co-operations on creating products and conditions. With the help of innovative sales channels and new services – for instance, consultancy in Serbo-Croatian or Turkish – we are focusing on new target groups, and are getting closer to our goal of acquiring 100,000 new customers per year.

A bank’s strengths are also evident by how it acts in economically turbulent times: As part of the s Österreich initiative of the Erste Bank and Sparkassen, we ensure funding for private individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, and also support our customers in difficult phases – for instance, with free account management during times of unemployment – with our “Helping Hands” project.