Attractive employer

Our motto “in every relationship, it’s the people who count” is not just an advertising claim for us, but rather an everyday formula for action, which is also established in our guiding principle.

The Erste Bank staff work with pride, enjoyment and pleasure.

The Erste Bank wants to be an attractive employer with interesting possibilities for development – and we want the best staff. When it comes to education and advanced training, we place emphasis on imparting well-founded specialist know-how and on the strengths-based personality development of each individual. Motivation and acceptance of responsibility are necessary and encouraged.

In Austria, savings banks differ from other credit services sectors in their intensive focus on common welfare, and in their anchoring in the regional economy. This responsibility is part of our staff’s self image. With the “Networked Worlds” or “Bridging” programmes, we want to pass our know-how on to people and organisations from a wide variety of social areas, and at the same time learn from them.

Projects such as the Zweite Sparkasse (Second Savings Bank) have resulted from this very co-operation.