eRoom does not work properly with Internet Explorer 10, context menus do not work anymore. 

The solution is as follows:

  1. Call eRoom
  2. login
  3. activate IE compatibility mode by clicking on the marked icon
  4. Close all IE windows
  5. Call eRoom again.

The context menus should work in compatibility mode.

If you locked your account please contact the eRoom Service Desk (please see the Support section at the eRoom homepage).

If you forgot your password you can help yourself without calling any Service Desk. Simply click the “Forget your password?” link at the LogIn page and follow the further instructions.

Each eRoom has at least two Coordinators. If none of the Coordinators is available please try to help yourself by searching the eRoom Usage Guidelines and the eRoom online help. In urgent cases contact the eRoom Service Desk (please see the Support section at the eRoom homepage).

Each eRoom has to be requested and approved. The request process is supported by a web form available on the eRoom homepage. There you will also find further information on how to request an eRoom.

Everyone who has access to the specific item and the specific Rooms can do that. So a Coordinator (of the two relevant Rooms) can copy / cut everything from one Room to another. If a member is Participant in Room1 and Observer in Room2 he can only copy from Room2 to Room1.
Note: Links to cut eRoom items in “old” alerts won’t work.

Every Member can decide which items he wants to "watch". If the item is changed he can get a notification (e-mail). It is possible to get this information as soon as the change happens or via a nightly summary. That means that the approvers can use this notification functionality to be up to date on new issues. But every member (approver) has to change the notification settings in the issue database by himself.

To receive notifications of updates right click the respective item and select “notification” in the context menu. There you can configure if you like to be informed in real time or if you like to receive a nightly summary on the changes.

Working with eRoom is easy, therefore it is not planned to offer personal eRoom training. Please search the Product section of the eRoom homepage. There you will find an overview which information supports your self study for using eRoom.

In order to avoid different versions by several users working simultaneously on the same file it is mandatory / necessary to reserve the file for editing. For that purpose you have to click the pen icon right beside the file name (or use the Edit command in the context menu by right clicking on the icon of a file). The file is reserved for editing now until you explicitly release the editing reservation. In general you can also use the access control functionality to manually reserve a file for editing or release the editing reservation.

eRoom offers powerful search functionality. Therefore click on the search tab in the map area. There you can enter the term which should be searched as well as some options to limit the results.

For each eRoom item or sub item explicit access rights can be defined. Per default everybody who can get to an item is also allowed to open it. If certain items should not be available for all users of the eRoom you have to modify the access rights of the relevant eRoom item.

This functionality is not available in the Erste Bank Group environment.