As much technical security precautions as possible have been implemented to provide you with a secure and comfortable solution. Nevertheless you are also required to follow certain organizational rules to ensure the effectiveness of those technical measures.

Non-compliance can result in disadvantages for Erste Bank Group entities.

  • It is strictly forbidden to pass on your username or password to any other person.
  • If your deputy or assistant is required to access the same eRoom like you, this person needs an own account.
  • An eRoom Coordinator has to send the initial password to a new member via email with sensitivity-option “private” in Microsoft Outlook.

You have to select a personal question during the first login and to specify an answer for this question. After the selection of the personal question and the specification of the according answer you have to confirm your entries by clicking the OK button. It is not allowed to skip this step by clicking the Cancel button.
It is also very important that you remember the combination of the personal question and the respective answer - you will need them e.g. for password recovery.

You are not allowed to change any of these fields (except “change password” and “change personal question”).

  1. It is strictly forbidden to store files from eRoom to any workstation except your own.

    On another workstation than your own you have to delete the temporary internet files each time after using eRoom. That implies that you have to ensure your authorization to delete the content of this folder before using eRoom*.

    * For example, in Internet Explorer, version 6 under menu Tools > Internet Options > on the index card „General“ under "Temporary Internet Files" click the button "Delete Files", click “Delete all offline content” and OK. – If you are using a different browser, please select an analogous functionality.
  2. In order to avoid different versions by several users working simultaneously on the same file it is mandatory / necessary to reserve the file for editing. For that purpose you have to click the pencil icon right beside the file name (or use the Edit command in the context menue by right clicking on the icon of a file). The file is reserved for editing now until you explicitly release the editing reservation.
    In general you can also use the access control functionality to manually reserve a file for editing or release the editing reservation.
    Click on the file name (that means to open it by the common internet explorer functionality) or use the view command if you just want to read a file.

If you post confidential data into an eRoom which should only be seen by a limited number of members of this eRoom you respective the eRoom Coordinator has to take care for the appropriate access control.

The recycle bin tends to grow in space dramatically. Therefore the particular eRoom Coordinator is requested to regularly empty the recycle bin. Additionally all files which remain more than 28 days in the recycle bin will be deleted automatically.

You always have to shut down eRoom correctly. That requires to explicitly logout by clicking the logout button in the control bar (top right corner) instead of just closing the active web browser window.