eRoom participants

This depends on the involvement in an international project, working group or board which has an own eRoom. The respective eRoom Coordinator has to invite all eRoom users.
Therefore please contact the project or board responsible persons.

  • Please follow the link of the eRoom invitation email.
  • Enter your username and password:
    Username: see the invitation email
    Password: the eRoom Coordinator has to provide it
    password convention: at least 8 characters and combine upper and lower case letters, numerals and symbols (three out of four, as in BUtterfield8 or Arts&Crafts)
  • First time users will be asked to change their password and to choose a personal question (see also chapter Rules – Privacy of personal questions).

Note: If you access from outside EBG you have to identify yourself via a local VPN solution or a RSA Token (provided by sDIS).

  • Click the “Forget your password?” link at the login page to recover your password.
  • Fill in your email address.
  • Follow the link in the instruction email and answer the personal question.
  • If the entered answer is correct you are then able to set a new password.

If you do not remember the answer to your personal question please contact the eRoom Service Desk. You will find the hours of operation as well as the contact information of the eRoom Service Desk in the Support section of the eRoom homepage.

To unlock an account you have to contact the eRoom Service Desk.

In case of technical or organizational questions concerning eRoom please

  • have a look at the eRoom homepage
  • consult the eRoom online help
  • talk to your eRoom Coordinator
  • contact the eRoom Service Desk – contact information and support hours are available in the Support section of the eRoom homepage.

Call the eRoom Service Desk for the following reasons:

  • when you locked your account
  • when you forgot your password and don’t remember the answer to the personal question
  • when you have an eRoom related applicatory question (no support for external eRoom participants, contact your eRoom coordinator instead)
  • when the eRoom login mask can not be reached (no support for external eRoom participants, contact your eRoom coordinator instead)

In case of connectivity problems to Internet please contact your local helpdesk (not the eRoom Service Desk).
Please be aware of the fact that eRoom Coordinators or eRoom Service Desk can not provide support for problems with external workstations (workstations not within the Erste Bank Group network).

1. When you enter eRoom you will find all items already existing in that eRoom displayed in the map (on the left side of the screen) as well as in the item box (centre of the screen). The structure has been created by your eRoom Coordinator. Any change of the structure should be aligned with him.

2. To add a new item within the existing structure (e.g. in an existing folder or in an existing database) enter the respective item by clicking it either on the map or on the item box.

3. In the item (the folder, database, etc.) you will find a button to add files or items below the name of the respective item on the top of the screen. The name of this button is different from item to item (e.g. “new entry” in a database, “new task” in a project plan or “new event” in a calendar, etc.).

4. You can easily modify (=edit) or delete the item or entry you have created by clicking on the icon in front of the item with the right mouse button. That opens the context menu where you can select (beside others) the edit or delete command.

5. You add an attachment to e.g. a note or some types of database entries by clicking the create button in the attachments area of an open item.

6. You can handle (create, delete, edit, etc.) each item or file in the attachments area as you can do in every other folder.

The eRoom “Playground for All” is intended to be used for all kinds of experiments to become more familiar with eRoom’s functionality. To preserve the clearness of the “Playground for All” and keep the storage usage within acceptable limits, the content will be deleted periodically at the end of each quarter.
Every user can find the “eRoom Playground for all” on the My eRooms page within the “All my eRooms” sections.