Member Management

The members of an eRoom are administered (added, removed, invited, etc.) in the Member List by the respective eRoom Coordinator.

Open the member list by clicking the members button in the Button Bar.

Coordinators can create custom roles based on one of the three standard roles. These roles are specific to the eRoom in which they are created.

  • Corresponding to the project organization custom roles simplify the rights management (e.g. in a software development project the custom roles “Project Manager”, “Designer”, “Developer” and “Tester”).
  • To create roles click the member tab. Then click the add a role tab and type in the specifications (name, description, standard role). Save with OK.
  • Click the name of the role and add all desired members.
  • In a next step grant certain access rights on different areas of your eRoom directly to these roles.
  • Whenever a new member joins the eRoom the particular eRoom Coordinator can assign him one of the defined custom roles (and consequentially the same access rights as the role).

It is also possible to centrally define groups. These groups have to be requested via the request form on the eRoom homepage and are then created by the eRoom Administrator. The further maintenance (add or remove existing users) of the respective group has to be done by the group owner (the Requestor).

Whereas custom roles group users within one eRoom, groups are used to group users of several eRooms (technical: within a community which is an architectural cluster of eRooms).