Roles within eRoom

The standard eRoom roles are:

  • eRoom Coordinator
  • eRoom Participant
  • eRoom Observer

An eRoom Coordinator is the owner of an eRoom and therefore the single point of contact for all questions related to his eRoom. He has full access to all content in the eRoom and keeps it running smoothly by managing its settings and membership, and controlling access to the items it contains.

An eRoom Participant can create new items, and read and edit other members' items as allowed by the access control settings for any particular item. Most eRoom members are participants, with no administrative duties, and are responsible only for the items they create.

An eRoom Observer has only open rights on all files and items he was given access to but he cannot edit or create any item or file.

Additionally the role of an eRoom Administrator is necessary for managing the eRoom system (e.g. creation/changes/deletion of eRooms, or eRoom members, etc.). This is a central function for all Erste Bank Group entities.