Dear Requestor,

please be aware that only (designated) eRoom Coordinators are allowed to place requests and that they only can post requests from an EBG workstation.
You are required to reconcile your request with your Line or Project Manager before filling in the form.

If you need organizational consulting (for decision if eRoom is the appropriate tool for your needs) please contact

If you need support (e.g. password reset), please follow the instructions on

By clicking the link "eRoom Request" at the end of this page, you can request

  • a new eRoom
  • a new group
  • a change to an existing eRoom (a new Erste Bank Group internal eRoom user, a new external eRoom user, a storage extension, a RSA-Token, the closure or the rename of an eRoom).

Please fill in all mandatory fields and click the "Send" button on the request form. Your request will then be sent on your behalf to the responsible Request Manager(s) of the respective entities and to you automatically (request confirmation e-mail). You will be informed about the realization or rejection of your request by e-mail.

In case of delay please contact the Request Manager(s) using the address of the respective request confirmation e-mail.


The eRoom Administrator handles requests within 3 Austrian working days after received approval.