A database is used to organize information as a series of entries. It is also possible to search for certain entries with a detailed searching function.

Basically there are three different kinds of databases in eRoom:

  • Standalone Database: fully customizable, user-defined database for milestones, issues, contacts or other structured project information
  • Multistep Process Database extends the structure of a regular database to include a series of clearly defined approval steps or phases
  • Enterprise Database supports managing data across several eRooms

TIPS and usage recommendations

  • It is recommended not to use the autonumbering functionality because you can not reset the counter.
  • Standalone database: for organizing contact information or any other structured information (e.g. the storage of files in a “document library”).
  • Multistep process databases can be used to track tasks and issues.To reduce complexity use as few approval steps as possible.
  • Enterprise databases support e.g. Project Management Offices of programs to get an aggregated overview of many related databases in different eRooms
  • The content of databases can be imported from and exported to Microsoft Excel. Please notice that the import/export function is not able to identify rows by a key column. That means that all rows of an Excel file are created in the data base - even rows with a corresponding row already existing in the database.