Access Control

For each eRoom item or subitem explicit access rights can be defined.

  • Most of the items offer a corresponding dialog during the creation process (except “link” and “other file”).
  • Additionally you can configure access rights at any time by right clicking on the icon in front of an item in the “item box” or “map” and selecting “access control” in the context menu.  

  • Everybody who can get to an item is also allowed to open it.
  • The user who created the item (as well as the respective eRoom Coordinators or eRoom Administrators) is allowed to edit it. Consequentially the creator of an item has to setup the necessary access rights if other eRoom members are supposed to edit an item.
  • Click the member icon to change/add/remove the open or edit rights of the eRoom members.
  • To set an item read-only means that it is not longer editable for anybody.
  • To hide means that it can only be seen by members who have the right to open it.
  • If one reserves an item for editing that means that except him nobody is able to edit or delete the item until he explicitly releases the editing reservation (see also chapter Rules – Handling of files). This is very helpful to avoid version conflicts.

If you post confidential data into an eRoom, which should only be seen by a limited number of members of this eRoom, you respective the eRoom Coordinator has to take care for the appropriate access control.

Note: Custom roles simplify the access control – see chapter “Custom roles and Groups”.