eRoom Functionality

This page is separated in two parts.

  • The All My eRooms section contains every eRoom you belong to or which has been defined as “can be seen by non-members”.
  • The Active eRooms section provides links to those eRooms, you set active by checking the “Active” check-box - recommended for regular used eRooms (like “Favorites”).

You can access a specific eRoom by clicking on the eRooms name either in the “All My eRooms” or in the “Active eRooms” section.

Additionally you will find some general activities and settings above the “Active eRooms” section:

  • Search the site can be used to full text search all your eRooms for a certain term (see also chapter “Search in eRoom”).
  • My member information contains user specific data. eRoom users are not allowed to change any of these fields (except “change password” and “change personal question”).
  • Organize can be used to structure the “Active eRooms” by adding or removing subheadings and grouping the active eRooms within those subheadings.